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Working with leaders in business and education and a herd of horses – is powerful leadership development. People enjoy the experience and retain their learning in an extraordinary way.

Imagine working in a team where a key member weighs half a tonne, has four legs, and does not understand your spoken language. Also imagine that she knows your innermost thoughts, fears and intentions.

And will not move or work with you until your thoughts, emotions and body language are entirely coherent.

Tim Gallwey

In every human endeavor there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles to reach an external goal. The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions. The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.

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