A Learning environment with a difference

What makes an effective environment for leadership and team development?

Leadership with Horses is based on our family farm – and we are focussed on two things

  • Delivering the best possible experiential learning
           insights  insights

  • Providing a learning environment that is congruent with the values of great leadership
           lead rope  woodland backdrop

    A small part of the learning is cognitive and the greater part experiential and the whole experience works at the level of heart and soul.

    We are passionate about connected and powerful leadership, and inspired by teams that have respect and humility at the heart of what they do. Everything we do at the farm is driven by the same sense of purpose and principle with a view to a sustainable and connected future.

    We manage our grassland and woodland organically; we grow beef and lamb which is sold locally, and we deliver firewood grown in the ancient woodland that forms the South East boundary of the farm.

    The farm is a learning environment that is experiential, outdoors (under cover when weather dictates), connected directly to nature and the countryside, memorably different from the norm of training, seminar and hotel rooms.

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