Horses, Leadership & People

Horses are prey animals and their life depends on their ability to work together as a herd. They respond to authentic, congruent and powerful leadership without hesitation; when working with us they listen and respond to the clarity of our intention, and emotion.

Their ability to read our body language is profound and they sense  our unconscious and unspoken thoughts.  As you experience the response and feedback from the horses you will learn new presence, communicate more effectively and face your fears.

We will engage with core archetypes through emotional and somatic practice. You will experience connection, sense of purpose, making authentic requests – risking being real and in tune with your own intuition and power.

Horses are incredible coaches and their gift to us is to work with unfailing rigour and without the trappings of judgement. Trust and respect are vital in the world of the horse – they are also vital to us as we develop powerful compassionate leadership.


Bo – Spanish Andalusian and quite simply the embodiment of compassion and connection


Fairy was born in 1995 she is a part bred Arab grey mare and is 15:2 hands. Fairy has been part of the herd for 8 years and can be most often seen with Becky.

Massimo is the oldest member of the herd and is a most gentle giant – not the boss but the character and soul of the herd

Ghost is the wild character of the herd – at times gentle, magical and always present