Leadership Development

Our objective is to support you in finding practical answers, solutions that persist within your organisation – and answers that address one of the fundamental questions of leadership “what is it that I and my organisation really care about?” We see this learning as movement and change towards an ecology of leadership.

How do you wish to support the development of leaders within your organisation?

Our intention is that these questions find answers in a committed spirit of excellence.

What is the value to you and your organisation of effective leadership development?

Working with horses enables us to distinguish the fundamentals of leadership in a new way – helping us to experience, understand and adopt the qualities of great leaders – authentic communication, constructive negotiation, impeccable coordination, unconditional responsibility, essential integrity, humility and emotional congruence.

Fred Kofman

These qualities are easy to understand, but hard to implement. They seem natural, but they challenge deep-seated assumptions we hold about ourselves, other people and the world. This is why although most of us know about them, we don’t know how to enact them. They are common sense, but not common practice.

Horses live in the moment, their survival depends on their ability to “read” what is going on within the herd and what, from outside, is threatening. They sense without judgment what is going on for us as leaders – and if we are coherent in our leadership they will follow; and if not they will ask questions of our intent and strength of purpose.

Ariana Strozzi

Humans did not invent leadership. It exists throughout the animal kingdom as a practical way for social animals to communicate, negotiate and collectively contribute to the survival of the individual and the whole (herd).

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