Team D

  • I have been on many team building events in my time, but none of those experiences comes close to what I learned last week.
  • A brand new experience that stretched and challenged me in way that I wouldn’t have imagined from working with horses. Their behaviour in response to me has provided insights that I don’t think a human could have.
  • Our two days really brought home to me my preferred position when working as part of a team.
  • The programme was a million miles away than any other corporate leadership style course that I’d been on – no business suits, no laptops, no presentations.. with lots of stimulating thought inducing discussions, with the right balance of experiences and observations of other people.
  • This is undoubtedly the best learning experience I have ever experienced. Truly inspiring.
  • The way the programme was devised and facilitated by Sarah and Paul, meant that I immediately bonded with my new colleagues and I had a sense that the group was very supportive of each others emotions (both fears and laughter!)
  • I really enjoyed the way that you layered the development of our interactions with the horses over the two days. It was a real joy to be a part of the team and its evolution over the two days.
  • [His] sense of what I wanted to achieve astonished me … it felt liberating and exhilarating
  • I was in awe of the powerful presence [he] gave to my learning.


Team W

  • Today was one of the most memorable of my professional career
  • Both revealing and fantastically engaging
  • I loved the experience and the powerful learning
  • Thanks for structuring such an awesome programme of activities that got the whole team engaged
    Lunch was fabulous!!!
  • There was lots of magic but one highlight for me was a half tonne animal copying my leadership!
  • I loved the powerful insights
  • This was a truly excellent day and experience
  • AMAZING I really want to do day 2
  • I absolutely loved spending time with Massimo
  • Thank you so much, best day at work I’ve ever had!
  • Fantastic
  • It is amazing how clear the insights are
  • I have developed a respect and admiration for these fantastic animals and thank the leadership with horses team for delivering such a fantastic individual and group experience
  • I would recommend to teams who want to understand themselves in greater detail through a fantastic shared experience
  • A wonderful fun and inspirational day. From start to finsih the organisation, pace and content was excellent
  • This experience goes beyond leadership skills and subtly facilitates a process of reflection
  • An inspiring day
  • I loved this experience, it was subtle, nuanced and revealing
  • working with our team and the horses was profound and fascinating
  • Thank you for an inspiring and motivating day – I highly recommend it
  • Excellent – superb in every way


  • Unnervingly revealing but ultimately empowering experience to a level I would not have thought possible.
  • I approached the day with a view to improving my management skills, and even just a few weeks later have seen tangible and beneficial improvements in the actions and achievements of my team.
  • I have the ability to change my life – that through simple, practical changes, I can allow myself to be who I am instead of constantly forming who I need to be. There is an intense feeling of freedom that coincides with this.
  • I have done many many courses, seminars and workshops over the years – Leadership with Horses goes, without a doubt, STRAIGHT to the top of the list, far outranking anything else I have ever done.
  • And the lessons have just kept on coming all week – like a vitamin with time release ingredients.

Team RAR

  • The safe and structured environment created by Paul, Sarah & Becky enabled me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of. Their support and encouragement gave all of us a chance to step beyond our limiting beliefs.
  • It was “breakthrough” realisations for me – things I had been thinking a lot recently were manifested.
  • I think this work has fantastic potential for everybody. Thank you very much! Very appreciated.
  • I’ve replayed the experience and watched all the feelings arise again and again since it first happened [with the horses] and see how I stop myself from having that kind of power and/or authority. I felt honored and so grateful. There was good learning, challenge, fun and a delicious lunch with a gorgeous view. Thank you for having me and working with me. This is a day I will always remember.